LAB SERIES’ COL/LAB, a series of artist collaborations, kicks off with artist Christopher DeLorenzo, defining culture in an impactful way that resonates and inspires consumers around the world. Through this COL/LAB, LAB SERIES + Christopher DeLorenzo encourages men and the people who love them to take a much-needed moment for self-care. The brand is here to enable every man to look his best and feel his best, especially now, more than ever.

Together, DeLorenzo and LAB SERIES created six characters to illustrate the aspirational lifestyles of men of all ages. These characters come to life through their own unique worlds, all of which include distinct curations of LAB SERIES products. Each newly curated holiday set features these fun and unique characters on limited edition gifts and boxes, allowing men to conceptualize their lifestyles beyond their medicine cabinet.




Chris DeLorenzo is an illustrator and designer working out of Massachusetts. As a one-man creative studio his capabilities range from editorial illustration, branding development, advertisements, packaging, fashion, murals and more.